Micro 2000 WebPOS


Just as dining and shopping experiences are no longer the same as it used to be, users today are greeted with a new sense of familiarity: the unification of online experiences and offline services. Introducing Micro 2000 WebPOS, an all encompassing yet easy-to-use POS solution that brings the required flexibility for you to effectively manage and grow your business.



Key Features of Micro 2000 POS system that gives us a distinctive edge


- Customisable with various modifier functions and add on peripherals to suit your changing business needs (including all common features for POS out there in the market). Easy manoeuvring and allow the panoramic view of all transactions at differing-tiered views.


- Live updates enabled with cloud synchronisation and come along with an integrated inventory management module and membership loyalty rewards program, embedded on a centralised database framework. Appreciate the convenience of having access to more timely and accurate operational/financial data, our reporting dashboard allows you to visualise business performance in real time.


- Integrated leading Artificial Intelligence in Business Analytics for relevant and actionable business intelligence for enhanced strategic business decisions making.


- Improved productivity in all facets of operations, reduced training time/cost for staff with its touch screen user-friendly graphical interface; reduced waiting time as expeditious transactions are supported with various integrated payment solutions and its accompanying security safeguards.

- Drastically reduced downtime as Micro 2000 seamless offline-online integration technology means our POS will still work on a localised basis even if the network is down.


- Could be easily synced to other IOS, Android, Window, Mac devices (such as for menu ordering) and could accommodate barcode/QR codes scanning.