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3M Authorised Service Provider 

When it comes to emphasizing Micro 2000 bespoke service offerings as an Authorised Service Provider, 3M naturally comes to mind.  3M, a world renowned technology conglomerate and the leader in scores of market – from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives; has engaged Micro 2000 to be their Authorised Service Provider for their Library Management System in Singapore.


Micro 2000's highly qualified and experienced team possesses the relevant skillsets to perform Comprehensive Maintenance which include troubleshooting of hardware and software failures, annual servicing, engineering repairs onsite at 3M’s client place. Our on site engineers also perform the tagging and installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and the dismantling and setting up of all of 3M library management system wide range of products.


Understanding 3M Singapore's commitments to turn technology into solutions with its wide range of innovative products, Micro 2000 seeks to offer 3M Singapore a one-stop turnkey solution for their Library Management System, taking on the service scope of selling their Library Management Systems by our highly competent sales team as well.


Always endeavouring to provide value-adding and exceptional services for our customers, Micro 2000 leverage on the extensive knowledge of our project managers to devise a three-prong library management system integration approach. Customers who have opted to utilize the 3M Library Management System have the liberty to choose to upgrade to 3M application software, integrate with the Civica software (where most current users are adopting) or simply migrate to the KOHA system which our dedicated team have deep proficiency in. 

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