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MNC Based Projects

Micro 2000 has vast experience in providing solutions and manpower resources for MNC based projects. Our integrated consultative approach is why our clients rely on us; engaging customers on their terms and delivering where & when they want. We apply strategic thought, clearly defined objectives and industry-leading implementation processes, working towards aligning outcomes that are mutually beneficial. We understand that you want access to the best service at the right cost; our delivery that is built on a foundation of quality, cost, flexibility, and a large talent pool will meet your expectations where it matters most.


Our service offerings for MNC Based projects include but are not limited to:

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IT Asset Management

Micro 2000’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution is designed to save time, increase productivity, save resources and enhance security, with a focus on its ease of use, flexibility and scalability. Our ITAM solution supports a wealth of features such as hardware and software inventory; change tracking; user and software license management, auto detection of devices, energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application & internet metering; enterprise alerting module and functional reporting module.

Outsourcing of Qualified IT Personnel

Say farewell to slow response time and software challenges! Micro 2000 offers flexible, systematic and comprehensive IT support for all aspects of your business needs, from pre-deployment staging of computer equipment, workstation repair & maintenance, server maintenance to software troubleshooting or helpdesk support. What’s more, our onsite hourly basis scheme ensures that you only pay for what you utilised, bringing you large cost savings. With our experienced team of certified IT support specialists handling your service requests, you can just focus on running your core business.


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Secure Data Erasure

The climbing number of data breaches of varied forms such as identity theft, laptop theft/loss, compromised networks reported worldwide, further drive the need for permanent data erasure of end of life electronic devices. Micro’s 2000 secure 3-pass erasure solution for your retired and obsolete IT/electronic devices minimizes the risks of your sensitive data being compromised. It is noteworthy that the Singapore Government has recommended the use of secure 3-pass erase for all its allocated ICT projects.

Mass Deployment, Kitting Services and IT Asset Relocation

Looking to streamline your IT infrastructure to keep up with the pace of technological advancement and your growing workforce? Micro 2000 has access to skilled personnel, the necessary equipment and the space to tend to all your required services needs. From Mass deployment engagements of the likes of SOE and SSOE, kitting services such as assembly and distribution to migration of datacentres and relocation of other business critical IT Assets, our long history of successful projects implementation made us stand out as the preferred managing partner for such engagements of varied scale.

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Reverse Logistics

Growing green concerns and the advancement of green supply chain management practices and concepts earn companies that embrace this philosophy in their business dealings a competitive edge over their industry’s peers. Micro 2000's full spectrum of reverse logistics offerings encompass remanufacturing and refurbishing activities to retain the functionality of any defective products, product testing, product dismantling, repairing, recycling and in cases where preserving the use of a product will generate more costs, disposal of it on top of the common collection, shipping and drop-off services. If your organization is interested in being associated as a “Green” company, we will be your preferred choice for all your reverse logistic needs as we adopt industry best practices to assimilate an environmentally friendly approach/culture for all our service offerings.

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Call Centre - Professional Support Team

As the current first-line support for all polytechnics in Singapore, we have the experience and first-hand knowledge in providing timely support for large organizations. From basic IT help to calls about frustrating issues faced, our trained staff can handle it all.

We have also provided call agents & support services for organizations like Philips Singapore, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Asustek, Apple Singapore, and many more.

Take the pressure off; leave it in the hands of a professional team.

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