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Software Customisation

Most feature rich software requires some form of customization before it could be effectively utilised at your organization. If any of your software doesn’t quite do what you need, some expert help might be warranted. From .net, Java based or even open-source software, our specialised team of engineers has the capabilities to bring these business critical existing software features that your business is relying on even closer to your specific needs/demands.


We understand that each customization is different and our dedicated team will firstly gain an in depth understanding of your situation before seeking to cater for or to implement a process or functional need. Micro 2000 operates on ethical grounds and will not recommend unnecessary customization that will invite substantial cost and maintenance issues. We advocate the use of existing features as it is, while only customizing the crucial ones.


Open source software, which are highly scalable, flexible and available at low costs, are gaining widespread prominence and encouraging businesses to integrate them into their business processes. As the open source customization process is unstructured and comprise of large amount of data components, expert help must be sought to ensure the creation of reliable and stable software. Our ability to take on Open Source software customization projects speaks volumes of our confidence in our expertise in delivering our clients’ desired outcomes.


The benefits of software customization include more opportunities for easier adaptation to project requirements; this extend to ways data is stored, displayed, imported, exported as well as the kind and types of reports that could be generated, but most importantly, it helps to ensure a smoother implementation process. Customizations, however being highly technical and specialized, require skilled ongoing technical support; even more so for greater degree of customization.  At Micro 2000, we aim to provide holistic services/solutions to our customers and are driven by their satisfaction. We will still remain contactable even after the project is completed for any technical support that you might need, this is our commitment to you.



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