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Customised Integrated Platform


Regardless if you’re a large enterprise or a small firm, a business is still a business. As such, a single application proficient in just Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may not be enough to meet all of your business’ requirements. With NetSuite, your growing business needs will always be met. Utilising NetSuite as your base, the variety of functions at your fingertips for future integration is beyond your imagination. Select from a number of applications to personalise, customise and integrate accordingly into your business as per your needs.


With just one database, enjoy boundless perks with the ERP and ecommerce software as a bundle or as add-ons – there are no other platforms on the market that offers such a comprehensive cloud-based business management solution. Enjoy perks such as the capability of managing your employee centre with modules such as payroll, e-Claim, e-Leave, online bulletin as well as revamping the entire backend of your management such as its inventory and wholesale distribution for better visibility and enhanced productivity.


Swiftly personalise and leave your competitors behind with an experience that will constantly exceed both you and your customers’ expectations. 

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