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Software Development


Heeding the government’s call for more productive and innovative pursuits but is held back by possible hefty cost commitments? Features rich software do wonders in streamlining operational functionalities (especially in areas of back-end automation) and Micro 2000 has got you well covered on this regard;We can help! Our pool of experienced programmers will be able to develop the solution of best fit in the fastest and most professional manner as time spent on trial and errors are minimised, so you only incurred costs when real work is done.


Our programmers are skilled in different programming languages and are adept with the latest software development techniques. We are an IT company, so there is cross domain support from the in-house team to ensure that our clients’ needs are met to specifications. Our forte primarily lies in embedded application development and database administration and development  (We also cater for other types of software development services , be it mobile, desktop or web–based, including but not limited to Cloud application development, independent software testing, enterprise application integration, configuration management, software component integration, multiple platforms portability and remote software infrastructure).


One common engagement is to help our clients to link their POS to their existing back-end system. In layman terms, an API is a layer which allows any application or system to connect to a business internal system. We can commit small scale from connection of API to full scale development, using our time tested hybrid Software Development Life Cycle model (build on the traditional Waterfall model with Agile adaptations –Identification/research, analysis, detailed specification of software requirements, Design, Programming, testing and maintenance with bugs fixing (documentations throughout). The end result awaiting you? A stable software solution that is flexible and scalable to changing business needs and market conditions.



Features of Micro 2000 Software Development Services


- Ownership of all works including source code. All proprietary rights belong to our client

- Cater for customisations, like extending ready software with new features or adding of program modules for existing system

- Multiple platforms architectural design – seamless adaptability for use on all platform types with emphasis on customer/user experience enhancement

- In house high quality back up and data recovery solutions

- Dedicated professional project management

- Robust IP and data security. Your confidential information will be safe with us at all times

- Rigorous recruitment process and investment in team development to ensure that that our people’s skill sets and industry knowledge (including best practices) stay relevant

All Great and sound, but why Micro 2000? We believe that excellent communication is the crux to a successful partnership.  Your inputs matter to us. Our consultants took great stride in truly understanding our clients’ needs/requirements, validating any assumptions at the beginning of our collaboration. We will then translate the ideas gathered into visual prototypes, with full workflow view before the creation of any actual function. Regular meetings with client will also be held and our team will remain contactable via multiple communication channels during the project tenure.



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