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Smart Automated Storage Lockers


E-commerce has made the online shopping experience easy and enjoyable but the package delivery experience continues to lag far behind in terms of customers’ satisfaction (i.e. fear of lost or stolen packages, repeated missed deliveries necessitating a trip down to the sender’s office or somewhere far for self collection, faulty items return fraught with difficulties). Basically in any context, there are groups of people that need to receive mail and in most cases there are limited resources available to distribute mail to these large groups of people.


Introducing Micro 2000 Smart Automated Storage Locker, a sleekly designed self service locker driven by cutting edge technology that provides customers a shipping option that offers flexibility around when they can collect their packages via a centralized package delivery point with an improved chain of custody, instant recipient notification and end-to-end delivery tracking. No more missed deliveries or waiting in line at the post office, Micro 2000 self service lockers streamlined the whole parcel retrieval and return process.


Our Self Service lockers are easy to use and they are versatile in terms of their functionalities (to fulfill a variety of differing business needs, where a boost in productivity is assured). These lockers can accommodate parcels of different sizes, from multiple different sources, are pristine, secured and are usually located at areas with 24hours access (making it great for university campuses and condominiums/apartments). Self-service locker locations also serve as consolidated access points for carriers, reducing costs, wastage associated with multiple deliveries and the parcel carrier's lower operating costs, will in turn benefit the end consumers (lower charges for consolidated delivery options).


How Micro 2000 Self Service Lockers system works?


1) When the package arrived, it is placed inside one of the available lockers and necessary details are logged into the system using the touch screen by the deliverer.

2) The locker’s computer system automatically sends the recipient a text or email that the package is ready for pick up. The message includes the location of where the delivery can be collected and comes with a onetime unique pin code that provides access to the locker.

3)  When the customer is ready to retrieve the package at any time, he/she simply need to follow the prompts on the touch screen and input the code to open the assigned locker. The mail and packages are safe and secure as no one but the intended recipient with the code can access the locker.


Unique Features/Benefits of Micro 2000 Self Service Lockers

- Provides a simple, self-serve transaction flow with fast processing for package drop-off and pick-up, ensuring a positive customer experience in an unattended environment.

- Enhanced system accountability, usage and performance with real-time auditing (audit trail of who accessed the package).

- State of the art cloud unlock and OTA unlock feature. Work with both Android/IOS App.

- Retrofit flexibility allows for the locker system to be easily integrated for use with existing systems, where further customizations per client’s business needs could be catered for.

- Able to support major payment schemes, including digital payment methods.

- By adopting a site-to-store locker delivery model, not only helps reduce delivery expenses, service labour costs and package theft incidences, it also promotes consistent in-store traffic.

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