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Taking users on a new approach of shopping reality, NetSuite’s E-Commerce platform is bringing consumers a more direct and unique shopping experience. A common sight today, trading of products or services online are done daily, offering users a better sense of technological immersion of what they do on a day-to-day basis. Now, you can deliver a myriad of personalised and engaging experience on any device anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy the following with the E-Commerce system:


  • Don’t need to fret the changes! Utilise your current operational business systems and tie-in E-Commerce straight to a single cloud-based platform

  • Personalise consumer’s shopping experiences across all relevant channels

  • Maintain full creative control on your personalised webpage while delivering your brand consistently

  • Optimised and responsive E-Commerce experience on any devices

  • Not limited to just one area, expand your business online by selling your products/services through multiple channels, languages and currencies on just a single E-Commerce platform

  • Regardless of customers, the E-Commerce platform can serve both B2B and B2C


With the ability to integrate the engaging POS system together with E-Commerce, the ultimate shopping experience for your customers is no longer just a pipe dream!

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