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IT Consulting


The speed of economic and technological changes means the right path yesterday may not work today. Many businesses today are struggling with the breadth of solutions, the pace of change and a maze of products out there in the market. Micro 2000 will help you navigate through all the claims and technical jargon to ensure that the best solution with the right fit is selected for your organization. Let our combined IT and business expertise help you optimize your IT investment. 

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Win projects together

Interior designers, renovation contractors - no matter the project, we can collaborate for success.

We consistently excel in providing more than just consultation, but also actual installation and set-up for your end customers. Working closely with main contractors, we have successfully created opportunities for our partners to make winning designs.


Don't know what you need? Don't worry. Get full suites of all IT equipment and support needed, all customized according to our in-depth consultation & analysis.

Men at Work


Enables you to consolidate and make effective use and eliminates overlapping of resources.


Our consultants will work with you to meet your organizational needs and lower your infrastructure costs and footprint.

Infrastructure and Design


You need to run your Business. Let our combined IT and business expertise help you optimize your IT investment.


Our consultants validate designs with your business needs and resources to ensure your IT infrastructure keeps up with your business.

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