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NetSupport School Overview


Notable New Features - IOS App for more streamlined usage. Chrome Tutor V1.5.1 brings with it internet metering and surveying functionalities. Version 12.6 now supports integration with SIS (Student Information System) environments via OneRoster (Windows and Chrome Tutor only).

NetSupport School works on Windows, Chrome, IOS, Android, BYOD and thin client. Schools now have a greater investment in technology than ever before and the challenges of managing and monitoring its use, supporting teachers and protecting students continue to grow. Helping schools worldwide, award-winning classroom management solution, NetSupport School, provides teachers with dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching and learning using best practice. The solution not only saves teachers’ time and maintains students’ focus, but also improves learning outcomes – regardless of the preferred learning style.

Key Features of NetSupport School


One key strand of classroom management is exactly that: “managing” the students and their devices, to maximise time spent on teaching.

  • Classroom Management is a breeze even without IT support. (i.e. locking of devices)

  • Printer and Device Management 

  • Student Register

  • Student Information Bar provides timely feedback to the student on the current lesson

  • Hand Out and Collect Files 

  • Dedicated Technicians’ Console (Windows) for network managers and technicians to help support users and manage devices across the school

Monitor and Control 

Being able to monitor student activity is the cornerstone of good classroom management software. Not only does it ensure students stay on task, but it is also a key foundation for an effective e-safety implementation. NetSupport School ensures a teacher can easily monitor student screens, the applications they are using, the websites they are visiting, what they are typing and who they are collaborating with.

  • View student screens in real time (Monitor Mode)

  • Application and internet monitoring

  • Real-time Keyboard Monitoring

  • Real-time Audio Monitoring and Language Lab tools

  • Teacher app for Windows 10 & Tutor Assistant app

Test and Assess

NetSupport School provides a range of tools to support Assessment for Learning (AfL). Simply put, AfL is a way to track understanding and can range from informal classroom discussions and peer assessment to an end-of-year external examination. The more regular the feedback, the better the learning outcomes – and learners are equipped with knowledge of how to improve.

  • Student Surveys

  • Student testing and quiz

  • The Student Journal ensures all relevant information from a lesson is recorded for future review 

  • Question and Answer (Q&A) Module

Instruct and Demonstrate

Being able to actively engage and keep the whole class on track within an IT classroom can be challenging at the best of times. NetSupport School makes it easier for teachers with real-time instruction, a virtual whiteboard and a bespoke teacher toolbar. Simplicity is the key and the creative possibilities are endless!

  • Real-time Instruction (Show Mode)

  • Internet Co-browse

  • Screen Highlighter and Drawing Tools (Annotate)

  • Virtual whiteboard

  • Group leaders

  • Teacher Toolbar

  • Chat and audio broadcast



NetSupport School is used throughout educational establishments across the globe. With the level of desktop control and management available within the product, protecting its configuration and use is key to delivering the best possible standard of instruction, without the fear that the technology is open to abuse.

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