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After Sales Support


With new markets emerging and the pace of globalization quickening, providing worldwide support has become a major challenge for many vendor brands. Thus, we found a need to provide cost-effective and efficient after-sales network so as to allow our customers to focus more on processes and improvements rather than on repairs. Our experience over the past decade has raised both our customer satisfaction rate and repair turnaround time, positioning us to be a critical part in providing after-sales support for our partners and clients.


Utilising our intimate knowledge and experience, we are able to enhance our customers’ after sales support experiences by providing quality levels of support from the simplicity of Level 1 parts exchange, to the more complex Level 4 works involving component replacement. To meet stringent key performance indicators such as turnaround time, we focus on execution and operational excellence with our strong pool of talent, ranging from back-end engineers to front-line customer service officers. Our staff attend constant trainings to ensure that their skills sets remain relevant, so as to provide our customers with the best experiences.


Our capabilities for support have extended from technology brands to white goods providers and we thrive in constantly changing conditions. In addition to our wide range of after-sales support, Micro 2000 is committed to ensuring that quality services are provided at the right cost, so as to adhere to the key performance metrics laid down by our clients in managing their after-sales services.


Micro 2000 Technology is a major player in the aftermarket services, particularly in areas such as repair and refurbishment of electronic devices. Our clients can rest assured that they are in good hands when they engaged us for their service needs. Our one-stop holistic IT After Sales Service/Market offerings run on our Customer Care platform, underpinning all our processes and service activities and is fully capable of integrating with any of our customers’ systems via our customised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management systems. Our end-to-end customer care solution platform seek to deliver from the moment your customer enters one of our service outlets till the device concerned is safely back in the owner’s possession. We are here to help ensure that your customers stay happy, as we understand the importance of service quality in the preservation of your brand value in today’s highly competitive market. 

Front End Experience

Micro 2000 understands that our front end served as an interface between our customers and our established back end.  To ensure a positive experience from start to finish, our customer service officers have been inculcated to always service from the customer’s viewpoint and to do so from the heart while paying heed to the attitude and approach adopted towards each and every service request. Currently, customers have the liberty to choose to engage with us via our dedicated call centre or simply walk in to one of our service outlets, strategically located in Singapore and Malaysia to bring about the most convenience to our prospective customers.  We are actively seeking ways to value add on the channels available for our customers to reach out to us.

Honed Repair Process

Identifying the complexity of the problem experienced can be time-consuming, especially when it involves multiple processes and interfaces. As we understand the need to enhance our clients’ experience with minimal downtime, we remove the complications and implement strategies and phases pertinent in addressing the problems on hand to provide seamless integration.


Tracking and Reporting

We understand that almost every client have a supply chain management (SCM) system and a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place to keep track of their inventories and maintain client databases. We too have our own cloud-based systems, which can integrate with our clients’ existing SCM or CRM systems to bring about a smoother workflow.


We can customize the integration according to the customers’ needs and generate relevant reports to maximize efficiency and productivity. With the right tools and methodologies, combined with our decades of experience and expertise, we aim to provide personalised integrations for companies of all sizes.


Highly Qualified Team

Having a team of qualified staff who can provide valuable in-depth knowledge greatly smoothen the work processes of our clients’ businesses. We focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as repair turnaround time (REPTAT), first time fix (FTF) and customer satisfaction (CSAT), to help boost our clients’ quality assurance and to maintain high performance standards.


Our highly trained team also plays a pivotal role in identifying the complexity of issues faced, inputting skills and knowledge to maximise effectiveness and productivity.

Reverse Logistics

Growing green concerns and the advancement of green supply chain management practices and concepts make reverse logistics all the more relevant in today's businesses.  In the age of value creation and preservation, businesses are no longer just looking at simple transportation/delivery services but on how their intended merchandises (be it faulty or in working condition) arrived at their designated location in sourcing for their managing service partners. And that is where Micro 2000's bespoke service offerings come into the picture. Micro 2000's full spectrum of reverse logistics offerings encompass remanufacturing and refurbishing activities to retain the functionality of any defective products, product testing, product dismantling , repairing, recycling and in cases where preserving the use of a product will generate more costs, disposal of it on top of the common collection, shipping and drop-off services.


Micro 2000 has invested in skilled personnel, the necessary equipment and space to shorten the turnaround time and make the reverse logistic process efficient and cost effective with assurance of accuracy and timeliness for any companies that engage our services.

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