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Your Leading Choice In Redemption


When it comes to excellence in service and duty, Micro 2000 understands its importance and has ingrained sterling quality of service provision and customer service care for the ultimate customer experience. We have long established our foothold in the Information Technology industry and we will continue to stand firm as we strive to offer only the finest in our sector.  

Strategically located in Singapore with establishments in various regions, our +Serv service/fulfilment/redemption centres are geared with premium facilities and a dedicated team of friendly customer-care consultants with extensive knowledge to assist our customers with redemptions of tangible products and servicing of devices, to name a few. We make it our priority to provide only the best experience to our customers and we are always ready to serve and cater to the needs of the customers. Now, with an established and comprehensive redemption system, our centre is capable of managing and processing the redemption process effectively with a little to none margin of error. By allowing flexibility and proving reliability, our customers are able to enjoy unrestricted benefits such as locations as well as the convenience of consignment.

We have also recently expanded our collaboration with a telecommunications giant by engaging as their new authorised redemption partner. With centres conveniently located in the heart of Orchard, Ubi and Woodlands, customers can now pick their desired location nearest to them to redeem their products. At +Serv, we also offer the luxury of receiving your item at the comfort of your own home through despatch service. If you have commitments to tend to or can’t navigate around, our despatch team will be on standby and is available when needed.

At our reputable redemption centres, we ensure that all of our customers will receive only the topmost quality of service and experience. 

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