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About Micro 2000

Micro 2000 - Bringing Digitization To You

The proliferation of digital computing technologies signifies that the age of the digital economy is upon us. Research has also shown that companies’ IT decision makers understand the looming importance of addressing issues in the core such as updating key legacy systems and applications as costs build up (opportunity cost as well), coupled with reliability, security and productivity concerns.


Digitization brings along with it a wealth of benefits such as high availability, intuitive interfaces, faster turnaround time, increased consistency, better operational controls, lower costs, gaining customer insights through the replacement of manual processes with software, reduces implementation risk, allows better decision making, performance tracking and provide real time fulfillment in the case of mobile apps. However, digitization is not an easy process as it necessitates the combination of old wisdom with new skills. The role of Information Technology companies has shifted from the likes of system integration and implementation to support and complementary services revolving around the employment of new technologies.


Micro 2000 already foresee this eminent trend a year earlier and has started building up our portfolio, core competencies and gearing up our Team of IT professionals with the expertise and necessary skillsets in the fields of big data, software customization and mobile applications development. We are not here to boast but rather we are here to help you with your digitization needs, using the little first mover advantage that we have earned ourselves by assimilating it early in our own business processes. We save you the hassle of experimenting from scratch again, we will guide you and accelerate the digitization of your business processes, bringing you to where you need to be in this digital era, building upon what your business truly needs.


Who we are?

Micro 2000 is a customer driven IT company that has businesses spanning from IT consultancy, integration services to support and maintenance services. We have a strong presence in ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Thailand and have proven our business efficiency through the establishment of various partnerships : Appointed HP Premium Solutions Partner, Cisco Certified Partner, Microsoft Silver Compliance Partner as well as IBM and Sun Microsystems, to name a few.

Micro 2000 Technologies Asia Pte Ltd is a market-leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services company with a proven track record in providing system integration and turnkey solutions. We are capable of delivering data centre infrastructure solutions ranging from virtualization, storage management to voice over IP. We have subject matter specialists in key areas of IT Consulting, Infrastructure, Hardware Maintenance and Software Customisation.

Micro 2000 Technology Pte Ltd has a stellar track record of managing several after sales support centres for premium brands. With years of experience under our belt, we have the necessary knowledge and capability to run successful after sales support centres, earning us the appointed rights to be the Authorised Service Providers for many renowned companies.  We also provide staffing solutions and manpower resources to both MNCs and channel partners to fill up any gaps in terms of skillsets or manpower.

How we work?

We always begin with the end in mind. What do you want to see in the future? With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you on this journey to achieve your goals. There might be bumps along the way but with us guiding you along, we will help to smoothen the transition. Be it data centre solutions, mobility, or after sales support, we have the team to deliver your desired results.

"Micro 2000 is a key partner when we migrated our data centre. They not only produce the results that we wanted but went beyond our expectations to ensure that the whole experience was a positive one.“  


Client from a shipping company

Don't just hear it from us. Hear it from our clients.

"We had a lot of support from Micro 2000 when we migrated our mail server. They were always around when we needed them and help to ensure that our users could access their emails from virtually any platforms or devices." 


Client from the retail industry

In our ambitious pursuit for excellence, we continuously strive to attain a much higher level of performance and efficiency in our work processes. Micro 2000 is proud yet humbled by the recognition that our company and staff have received over the years. Our awards and certifications are attestation to the high service and quality standards that we uphold. 


Singapore 1000


Micro 2000 has been conferred the honour of being featured in the National ranking body, DP Info’s annual publication “SOAR”. This feature helps to bring visibility and recognition to 50 selected exceptional business leaders, whom have contributed to Singapore’s economy out of Singapore 1000 Ranked organizations where Micro 2000 has proven itself to be newsworthy with its stellar financial and operational performance and its unwavering position as one of the industry leaders in the Information and Communications Technology field throughout the years under the able leadership of Mr Brandon Ng at the helm.


Mr Ng is humbled that Micro 2000 is ranked alongside 1000 of Singapore’s best corporations by such a prestigious ranking body as an Investible Company and attribute all the success that the company has attained to the hard work and contributions of all his employees. 


Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2014

In honour of the entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore, we are pleased to announce that Mr Brandon Ng was nominated to receive the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2014 held on the 7th of November 2014 at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.


For Mr Brandon Ng, the journey to his success and accomplishments today is synergised with the hard work and dedication of his team. Under Mr Ng’s guidance, Micro 2000 continues to excel and grow and is now one of the leading business IT solutions and after-sales support service provider with a strong presence in the industry. Mr Ng is humbled by the nomination and deemed The National Award to be a great honour.

Asia Pacific Enterprise Asia Awards 2014

We are pleased to announce that Mr Brandon Ng has been awarded the "Most Promising Entrepreneur" at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Gala Awards 2014 held on the 24th of July 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa.


This regional entrepreneurship award was to honour Mr Ng for his strengths and perseverance in entrepreneurship. His vision and dedication towards the company has elevated his presence in the industry as a leader and as an illustrious representative in entrepreneurship. Mr Brandon wishes to dedicate this award to all staff who have stood by him and continue to believe in his vision to lead the company to stellar heights.


Promising SME 500 2013

Micro 2000 is pleased to be awarded the “Promising SME 500 2013”, at the Promising 500 SME 2013 Official Presentation Ceremony held on the 5th of September 2013 at Marina Bay Sands.


This prestigious award serves to recognise our operational excellence and is a validation of the hard work of all our employees and Board of Directors. As a proud recipient of the Promising SME 500 2013 Award, Micro 2000 will continue to strive for improvements and to seek ways to further enrich our customers’ experiences

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