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Authorised Service Provider - We help you win the game


Corporations compete on delivering customer’s value at various stages of a product’s life and the stage where the most influence could be exerted is undeniably customer service, which spans the longest part of a product’s life. Being on par with your competitors in price, performance and quality gets you into the game but having superior aftermarket support/services is the differentiator that will win you the game!


We save you the hassle of meandering through the complex aftermarket arena and allow you to focus on delivering your company’s core competencies by designing your aftersales services around your business’ needs and budget. Micro 2000 Technology core business team consists of experienced individuals who have managed aftersales support centres for the last decade. Our centres are located in the heart of town and also on the fringes of the city centre for easy accessibility and are well equipped with the necessary facilities to provide your customers with a positive experience. Our well-trained service staff are friendly and approachable and seek to provide the best customer service with a smile.


Experts have pointed out that aftersales support is the most lasting source of revenues to sellers and requires the smallest investment, which very few Executives are aware. We help to build a sustainable competitive advantage by providing you with updated reports and information in a timely manner that allow you to gain insights on your customers’ habits, technologies and plans; which are knowledge that your competitors may not have access to. The aftersales networks operate in an inconsistent and unpredictable marketplace because demands for repairs crop up sporadically and unexpectedly. Our holistic services offerings help ensure that we are always ready to handle any sudden surge event and have the necessary tools to handle your wide spectrum of service needs such as reverse logistics and environmentally friendly disposal.


We share our clients' visions and work tirelessly to better the service experiences of their customers. We believe that our efforts reflect this commitment and we endeavour to partner with clients who appreciate our value. 

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