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Business Continuity


An alarming number of business owners surveyed said they have no plan in place. That means business continuity planning is more than smart business – it helps your company remain better positioned to recover from the business interruption, property damage, financial impact, and loss of life that a natural disaster or man-made event may caused.


Planning for a disruption or catastrophic event should happen when business is going well, not when disaster strikes. Having a pre-defined, well-documented business continuity plan that clearly communicates how your business will respond during an event can help mitigate risk – and is one of the best investments your company can make.


Risk Assessment and Disaster Recovery Planning


Micro 2000 can work closely with you to understand and determine your operational requirement during a disaster and/or disruption. We perform appropriate risk assessment and establish a recovery plan that covers key areas such as data accessibility, infrastructure recovery and restoration.

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Virtualization not just as a tool to lower your IT cost but as a system to enhance the reliability and resiliency of your IT system and associated business operations.   



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Backup and Data Recovery


With a large amount of data stored on computer networks, an effective Data Storage, backup and recovery program is critical to your organization.



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Relocation Services


In the event access to your office and services faces obstruction due to any circumstances, Micro 2000 is able to assist to relocate or restore your equipment and systems to a temporary work space.    


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