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NetSupport SupportDesk


Education Sector

In recent years, education has invested massively in technology – both in and out of the classroom. Providing effective support for users of IT assets is therefore high on the agenda for the modern school, college or university.NetSupport ServiceDesk responds to your daily support challenges by providing the processes needed to help you minimise downtime of your critical classroom and back office systems, all wrapped in an intuitive and easily accessible browser-based interface.

Corporate Sector

With a 30-year development pedigree and an installation base of eighteen million systems, NetSupport’s innovative solutions are trusted by corporate service desks worldwide to aid in the day-to-day management of their IT infrastructures and, of course, to help maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. NetSupport ServiceDesk simplifies and streamlines the IT support process, from initial request to final resolution and integrates easily with NetSupport DNA (IT Asset Management) and NetSupport Manager (Remote Control) to give support teams the perfect mix of compatible network management tools.

V5.5 New Features

  • Child categories

A new tick box has been added for Workflow rule conditions, allowing child categories to be included or ignored. For example, “Hardware” or “Hardware|PC”. This now helps ServiceDesk Operators to create a more filtered search, while reducing the number of rules needed.

  • Assignee conditions

A new assignee value has been added to Workflow conditions, allowing the reallocation of tickets to other Operators. This includes “Not the logged on user” or “The logged on user”. 

  • Condition field – Item Type

A new condition field has been added to allow Operators to create conditions based on Item Type, for example: Incident, Problem, Change and Request. This enables actions to occur when a ticket is converted to another type or ticket is re-assigned to another operator. A new option has also been added to allow workflow conditions to trigger/not to trigger when a ServiceDesk Operator is a contact of an Incident, Problem or Change Request.

  • Enhanced multiple workflow conditions

ServiceDesk Operators can now set “Condition Logic” on multiple workflow conditions using ‘Use OR Statement’. Instead of creating individual workflow rules, Operators can now use “Condition Logic” to group them together as one rule.

  • Updated summary screen

The ServiceDesk Operator’s summary screen now shows a summary of all departments they mange, allowing them to see at a glance all tickets in all departments for which they are responsible.

Key Features

  • Incident Management 

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management 

  • Service Level Management 

  • Integrates seamlessly with other NetSupport and third-party network management solutions

  • Flexible Reporting

  • Customisation Options

  • Escalations and Notifications

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