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The poor image that IT typifies in many organisations to end users is a result of slow response times or software challenges that their IT departments may not have the necessary expertise to tend to. Creating value is also a recurring IT issue and IT departments must focus on improving service and support to the organizational user, specific to their departmental needs. To achieve this, IT managers must be allowed to eliminate non-essential activities/functions and be able to focus on mission-critical tasks that help to improve on the organisations' core priorities. If the above issues are what holding your organisation back, AssistPAK™ is the cure to all your problems.


The AssistPAK™ offers flexible, systematic and comprehensive IT support for all aspects of your business needs, from hardware, software to server and network related issues. It is a time-based onsite plan with 4-hours response time in providing one-stop solution support to keep the organisation’s IT operations running smoothly. Micro 2000 operates on ethical grounds and will not forcefully impose/tout services that our clients do not require. AssistPAK™ ensures that you only pay for what you need, our packages are reasonably priced while endeavouring to meet all your IT needs with the allocated/budgeted hours. 


With our experienced team of certified IT support specialists handling your service requests, you no longer need to worry about your networks and applications.


Services That We Provide 

  • Setup & Installation of Hardware and Software

  • Workstation Repair & Maintenance

  • Server Maintenance

  • Helpdesk Support

  • Data Recovery, Data Backup & Restore

  • Software Troubleshooting

  • IT Consultation

  • Large Scale Deployment



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