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Manpower Outsourcing


We are proud to be selected as a managing partner in the government’s digital transformation drive to build a Smart Nation Infrastructure, bettering the lives of everyone in Singapore through the use of Technology. Our pool of skilled talent is currently tending to IT maintenance works at several government agencies; this alone speaks volumes about the calibre and quality of our IT Team. Micro 2000 Technology provides skilled IT maintenance professionals to companies who need such manpower but do not wish to commit to the headcount.


Why choose Us?

  • First of all, we are an Information Technology Company with our roots in IT maintenance! Our strength lies in having helped many clients across multiple industry verticals since 1996, be it MNCs, Government bodies or small local firms.

  • Specially catered for contingent and short term projects. Highly flexible service packages with extensive cost savings to be reaped. (Be more cost efficient, pay only what is necessary for your projects)

  • Management of manpower could be a big hassle. Let us handle the whole spectrum from recruitment, supplying to management, so your team could focus on higher value, strategic activities. Enhanced productivity in all aspects (No leave payment issues, manpower for overtime and night shifts could also be arranged).

  • We have a large pool of operationally-ready IT talents that are all locally based, therefore prompt response time is an added assurance (expert availability).


How does it work?

Leverage on our experience to address your fundamental HR needs. Micro 2000 adopts an integrated, holistic approach in all our endeavours. Send us your requirements and furnish us with as much details as possible. We will then tailor and allocate a team of best fit for your project. Engaged us Today and see for yourself the operational improvements this single decision brings for you!

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