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Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Workstation


The complete disk imaging, system disk backup, and bare-metal restore solution for workstations

Acronis True Image Workstation provides your business with the most comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective workstation protection. You can:

  1. backup an entire hard disk, including all the computer data, the operating system, and applications and

  2. backup key files and folders on a system.


With support for both 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Windows, you can rest assured that both old and new systems are protected.


After a system crash Acronis True Image Workstation allows you to perform a full system restore, a bare-metal restore or just a restore of individual files and folders in minutes. Complete system restoration can be performed to an existing system, to a new system with different hardware or to a virtual machine.


The Acronis Management Console included with the Acronis True Image Workstation offers great flexibility for corporate IT departments. From this console you can deploy backup agents, create backup images, and restore remote systems throughout your network, increasing your IT department's productivity and reducing costs.


Better yet, the product offers a number features that enable users on the road a way to recover their systems and get back to work from their local system immediately! The Acronis Secure Zone is a special, hidden partition, separated from the operating system where local images can be stored. It can be used with the Acronis Recovery Manager, a feature that allows users to initiate recovery by selecting the F11 key. Moreover, users have option of selecting Acronis Snap Restore during recovery allowing the system to be used immediately. All three features allow a user on the road to immediately resume work with no network connection and no bootable media the ultimate self-service!


Based on the exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot disk imaging technology, an IT administrator can backup and protect live, in-use systems with no end-user disruption ensuring business continuity.

New Features:

  • Acronis Backup Server Ensures optimal usage of storage resources by allowing IT administrators to establish backup policies

  • Acronis Universal Restore Restore to different hardware and recover from any unforeseen event (note: requires separate add-on license)

  • Boot from an image, using Acronis Snap Restore (a patent pending technology) Decrease downtime by allowing systems to be used during a recover

  • 64 bit Windows support Use one application for both new and old systems

  • Remote unattended restores with the Acronis bootable agent Recover all systems in the network from a central location

  • Automatic image verification Peace of mind by ensuring that images can be used for restoration

  • Differential backups Decrease the number of backups you manage

  • File backups, in addition to our traditional image backups Flexible system protection

  • Exclude files from backups Capture only business data and saves space in storage archives

  • Windows Event Log and SNMP support Plug into your existing network monitoring application

  • Custom scripts before/after backups Facilitate compliance with company-wide backup policies

  • Throttling to control hard disk write speed and network bandwidth usage Minimize disruptions of business operations

  • Create CDs with bootable images, PXE packages, and bootable recovery media ISOs Eliminate the need to have separate recovery media and provide flexibility for application management

  • Acronis Group Server Ease administration by viewing the status of all systems in the network

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