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IT Asset Management 

Micro 2000’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution is designed to save time, increase productivity, save resources and enhance security, with a focus on its ease of use, flexibility and scalability. Our team is able to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and supporting IT assets across a corporate setting, while accommodating for the connection and management of multiple implementation sites simultaneously. By avoiding unnecessary asset purchases through the effective harvesting of existing resources, large cost savings are achieved for your organisation.


ITAM is an important functional area where companies have to invest in to ensure smooth running operations with minimum downtime. This is especially so for large corporations where there is an increasing emphasis on proper accountability. At Micro 2000, curating a positive customer’s experience is of utmost priority. The following are some user-friendly aspects that enhance our customers’ journey:


Ease of implementation – Our solutions enables smooth integration with your existing systems (saving time and increase productivity) and helps do away with expensive hardware purchases and training costs.


Organisation wide alerts – Be duly informed when it is imperative for you to be in the know! Our ITAM solution comes with a powerful enterprise system level alerting module, that could even drill down to an individual PC (e.g. network over utilised, unauthorized access or changes made, disk space running low, failed login attempts, antivirus software stop functioning).


Accessibility – Mobile access made possible! Allows one (with authorized access rights) to view detailed hardware and software inventory for any PC on the company’s network on the move.


A handful of our customers engage us to assist with tracking of their assets. Using this as an example, our service offerings could be segregated into two types:


IT-based Assets Management (Dominant) – This allows the systematic tracking of IT assets in a large organsiation.  Asset tagging is usually carried out at the onset and so subsequently with the scanning of a barcode; the IT asset current location could be traced and could be pinpointed to be under the usage of a particular employee/staff. The information registered in your system/database will almost certainly tally with the actual physical assets, allowing such business critical details to be retrieved at any point in time.


Non IT-based Assets Management – The tracking of assets through the effective integration with Internet of Things (IOT).


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