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IT Security


The key asset that a security plan protects is your data; and the value of your business is in its data.  The information that you get from your customers as well as the information you have for your business should be well protected. Don’t wait for a breach in security to secure all of your information. A mistake like that can mean spending a lot of time and money to make up for it. It’s best to always take precautions to avoid leakage of sensitive data.

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The use of firewalls is to contain communication to within a specified network and to disallow communication with other networks not related to the business. Firewalls should be activated for all computers in your business. This really will increase the security levels of your company to limit any unauthorized access coming from outside your network.



Virtual Private Networks


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provides businesses with the ability to allow employees to access into the network when outside of its physical boundaries. Leveraging on the different accessibility channels for the Internet, VPNs securely connect a remote client into the private corporate network, as if they are physically connected to an internal switch, to access applications, file shares, and printers normally restricted to local access networks.

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Encryption is considered an annoyance by some businesses and people as it can be a bother if you try to share files or forget your encryption key. Many organizations deploy various security measures to prevent hackers from breaking into their computers and wireless networks, which is definitely a good thing. Preventative measures are a great start in protecting your computer, but preparing for when a successful attack hits is equally important.


The main benefit of data encryption is that even if you were to lose your computer, get malicious malware or are hacked, the data inside your computer is still safe. Encryption of data gives you one last saving grace, the data may no longer be in your hands, but no one else can see it or use it.




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