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Micro 2000 Self Service Kiosk

Lets face it, the manpower crunch situation is real and is exacerbating by the day with manpower being required in almost every imaginable work sector. Hiring quality help or rather attracting talents to work in the F&B industry has become a daunting task to say the least as more and more entrants (new concept stores are popping up everywhere) swarmed to capture a part of this somewhat lucrative recession-proof pie. This is particularly so in frenetic-paced Singapore, where Singaporeans are always seen rushing from one place to another, with limited time to even sit down for a nice meal. So the very thought of having to queue would often turn away the time-conscious consumers. F&B is a competitive market and if you will like to be sustainable in the long time, you could not afford to lose any customers due to such operational drags.

The advent of self service kiosks allow many operators to stay in business under the backdrop of rising wages (often the highest incurred expenses apart from rental costs) as they reduce businesses’ reliance on manpower. The government has also been relentless in their call for businesses to embrace automation or be prepared to become obsolete. It is on this hindsight that Micro 2000 has developed our own mass market self service kiosks. Combining the latest in capacitive touch screen display, payment and printing technology, Micro 2000 self service kiosk seeks to offer users an interactive, comprehensive, self-immersive digitalised space to enhance their dining experience, making the ordering and payment process smooth and hassle free.



Key features and benefits


- Micro 2000 Self Service Kiosk is platform independent, meaning it does not matter what type of POS you are using, we could sync and api-link it accordingly.

- Improve your bottomline!  Automated upselling of every order with pre-set intuitive prompts of pairing items. Increase average check size with strategic displays of promotions and advertisements.

- Our Self Service Kiosks are aesthetically designed (with anti-theft features) such that it assimilates elegantly against any business setting, no expensive restructuring or renovations need to be further catered for.

- Service lapses will be minimized as customers are given the liberty to verify their orders as many times they want (order accuracy) and make payment (also no handling of physical cash by frontend staff) at their own leisure, with interactive menu assisting customers in making their purchases. All these will ultimately translate to higher customer satisfaction rates.


-  An enabler for F&B/Retail operators to change their business models to keep up with the changing times. Data analytics and AI brings along with it relevant and actionable business intelligence.


-  Better use of available manpower to tend to value added activities like improving sales or redeployed to perform tasks that cannot be automated.

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