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Morae - Modernizing Usability Testing and User Experience Research

No Usability Lab Required!

Morae is the only fully integrated, all-digital solution for analyzing human-computer interaction. Powered by TechSmith's new patent-pending Rich Recording Technology, Morae combines both user and system activity into one synchronized recording that is indexed and searchable. Review and analyze recording sessions quickly and accurately - then edit and share your insight with anyone, anywhere.

How Morae Improves Usability Testing and Analysis:

  1. Speed: Morae is all you need to record, log, analyze and share usability tests in a collaborative way – without the complexity and expense of a traditional lab, you can be ready to test the same day

  2. Flexibility: Morae can be installed on a laptop for portability, in a fixed location, or onsite for field studies of users in their natural environment.

  3. Collaboration: Morae enables the entire product team to see first-hand how real users interact with their software, Web site, intranet or e-Commerce application, regardless of location.

The Morae Process

Morae consists of three components that work together to record, mark, analyze and share the user experience: Recorder, Remote Viewer and Manager.

Morae Recorder - Record the Complete User Experience

Powered by patent-pending Rich Recording Technology, Morae records and synchronizes both video and data, creating a digital record of system activity and user interaction - with lossless quality. Install the Recorder on the computer the test participant will interact with and the Recorder will captures the following information:

Screen Video - Any activity that is taking place on the user’s screen.

Camera Video - All of the user’s video through a web camera.

Mouse Clicks - Mouse events that include left, right and middle clicks.

Audio - Original user audio through a microphone.

Web Page Changes - Browser events such as when and where a web page is changed.

Keyboard Activity - Every keystroke that the user makes.

Window Events - Window events such as the window/dialog getting focus, opening, closing and resizing.

Screen Text - All text on the user’s screen during the period of the recording.

Remote Viewer Input - Markers that are entered from a remote location.


Morae Remote Viewer - Enabling Collaborative User Experience Testing

Utilizing the latest streaming technology, Remote Viewer enables geographically dispersed observers to watch usability tests from any location. The Remote Viewer displays:

  • The test participant's computer screen 

  • Picture-in-picture window displaying the test participant's face 

  • Audio from the test participant

Each Remote Viewer observer can set markers and add text notes which are communicated back to the Recorder and automatically saved with the recording file. This enables new observation and logging possibilities:

  • Each observer can focus on one specific activity to log. For example, one observer can log when the user needed help, another can log user frustration, etc. 

  • Developers that observe can focus on their particular feature 

  • Consulting companies can have clients observe from their offices

Morae Manager - Analyze and Present results of usability tests faster and easier.

In the past, a key problem with recording usability tests was the time consuming process of trying to go back through the video to find key moments and conduct analysis of what happened. The Manager component of Morae solves this problem utilising the power of Rich Recording Technology. Additionally, the Manager component includes integrated editing functionality, making it quick and easy to assemble the important video clips and share them with the stakeholders. Nothing is more powerful for management, clients, and a product team than to see real users interacting with their product.

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