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Point Of Sale (POS)


Since the rise of the Information Age, shopping and dining experiences are no longer the same as it used to be. Users today are greeted with a new sense of familiarity: the unification of online experiences and offline services. With network access and portable devices, consumers are pampered with the ease of convenience.  With NetSuite’s Point Of Sale (POS) system, improve and increase your business’ revenue by taking full advantage of an all encompassing  yet easy-to-use system.


With the POS system, you can enjoy the following:


  • Save and view all your sales & orders with a panoramic view of the system

  • Easily manoeuvre and extend your sales & services with mobile POS

  • Multiple security precautions to reduce fraud cases

  • Expeditious transactions with integrated payment solutions

  • User-friendly with touch-screen interface for increased productivity

  •  360-degree view of POS system for a touch of personalised service


The operative POS solution is flexible and customisable to suit the demands of your business needs, hence making it easier to deliver a seamless and accessible platform for both your internal and external stakeholders.

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