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Secure Data Erasure

Data is projected to grow by 800 percent in the next five years and there is an increased storage of sensitive data on both portable and non-portable medias, spurred on by rapid technological changes. The shorter lifespan expected of these IT assets and the climbing number of data breaches of varied forms such as identity theft, laptop theft/loss, compromised networks reported worldwide, further drive the need for permanent data erasure of end of life electronic devices. Organisations that have their confidential data falling into the wrong hands potentially faced serious repercussions in the form of financial and reputational loss. It has been reported that companies have spent nearly $5 million on average to recover corporate data that were stolen or lost.


Micro 2000 is here to help. Research has shown that anything above 3-pass erasure will be superfluous and time consuming. Our secure 3-pass erasure solution for your retired and obsolete IT/electronic devices minimizes the risks of your sensitive data being compromised. It permanently and securely erase data from computer hard drives, removable media, mobile devices, copiers and even datacentre servers, providing a cost-effective and socially responsible way of retiring computer storage.


You could rest assured that your sensitive data are in good hands as we adopt industry best practices in serving your needs. Our data destruction procedures are performed at our Singapore’s processing facilities, which are secured with 24/7 security, CCTV monitoring and electronic access control.


Micro 2000 also handle all the required logistics, from decommissioning, packing, collection to transportation. Top quality packing materials and sealing tools such as HDPE Bags, foams, lock boxes, hard crates are used to ensure that your IT/electronic devices are delivered securely and safely to our processing facilities. There will be detailed documentation of every item received and the final outcome of the corresponding asset will be clearly stated upon data erasure completion with full accountability assured.


As an end-to-end Service/Solution provider, we do also offer other IT security implementation tools. Operating on the Windows platform, but am unsure on how to effectively utilise the Bitlocker feature to protect the sensitive information on your devices? Bitlocker helps prevent most offline physical attacks, boot sector malware, etc. We can assist in the deployment, planning and defining of policies for the implementation of this full disk encryption feature to enhance the security of your organisation’s IT infrastructure.


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