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SnagIt - Screen Capture, Edit and Share

Capture screen images, text and printer output from your Windows PC with SnagIt's award-winning interface, then quickly enhance with the in-line editor. Supercharge your Print Screen key with SnagIt Screen Capture


Continuing Excellence

SnagIt continually gives you the best performance. Don't just take our word for it - SnagIt has received PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for the second consecutive year. Add this to the Best of the Year Award PC Magazine gave SnagIt in 2003, and you can see SnagIt is the best screen capture solution money can buy!

SnagIt Screen Capture - A Complete Solution

SnagIt provides a complete, start-to-finish solution for capturing, editing and sharing content from your Windows PC. Powerful screen capture and a whole lot more.


  • First choose the type of capture - images, text, video, print output, entire Web image collections. 

  • Next capture the area you want - full screen, windows, regions, object, menus and more.


  • Edit and annotate your capture right within the Preview Window for fast, convenient changes. 

  • Change color, size, dpi, and many other aspects of the screen capture.


  • Send your screen capture to a file, an e-mail, the Clipboard, the printer and even the Web. 

  • Supports GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, EPS, PSD, PNG, ICO, CUR and more.

Capture Anything - Boundaries Removed

Whether taking simple captures like a window, region, or the entire screen or capturing advanced items like scrolling windows, cascading menus, and DirectX sources, SnagIt makes every capture fast and easy.

Professional Image Editing

Edit - Crop, cut, join, resize, rotate, and mirror each image. Change color depth, dpi, canvas size, brightness and more.

Annotate - Add text, callouts, stamps, watermarks and more. Zoom, blur, dim and highlight to focus your reader's attention. 

Draw - Add shapes, lines, colors and arrows with precision. Apply artistic edge effects and change perspective.

Organize and Deliver with Ease

  • Convert in Batches Save time - apply effects, annotations, watermarks and more, while changing the file type, dpi, and resolution of images in batches.

  • Browse By Catalog View, edit and manage all of your screenshots in one convenient place. See enlarged images one by one or groups of thumbnails for a fast review.

  • Send Captures Anywhere Save to file, attach to e-mails, append to clipboard

  • Create A Webpage Step-by-step wizard walks you through the process of putting your favorite screenshots on a Web page.



SnagIt is the only screen capture utility available boasting five different capture modes and over 40 different ways to capture content from your screen. With SnagIt, your search for the perfect screen capture utility is finally over.

Image Capture

Within two clicks of the mouse, users can capture virtually any type of graphical content from the screen including windows, regions of the screen, icons or graphics, menus and so much more. SnagIt makes it so easy to capture images from your PC and use them wherever you want.

Text Capture

Sure, copy and paste works for most places, but SnagIt captures text where you need it most. It's a breeze to capture text from error messages, file directories, database tables and more. You can even capture text from HTML tables and place it right into Microsoft Excel. Use SnagIt to ensure you will always be able to capture exactly what you need.

Video Capture

There are times when a static screenshot just won't suffice. In those cases, use SnagIt's video capture to record all of your onscreen activity, including typing, mouse, and cursor movements. All of this is saved in an industry standard AVI file, making viewing and sharing these videos easier than ever.

Web Capture

Do you save lots of Web images? Love downloading all those online photos? SnagIt takes the tedious process of downloading file after file into one simple step with Web capture. Now capture an entire Web site's JPEG, GIF and PNG files in one click. You can even save images from pages that are linked to within a Web page, making SnagIt the perfect capture utility for all your Web capture needs.

Printer Capture

No need to print out those critical documents you need to archive - SnagIt's printer capture allows you to print any document to SnagIt's virtual printer and save that output as a graphic file. SnagIt saves the content exactly as it would print. Since you possess an electronic version of your information, you can eliminate the hassles of paper and filing!

SnagIt Add-ins


Now, with SnagIt add-ins and plug-ins, you can access SnagIt from within your other programs! SnagIt's add-in toolbars for the Microsoft Office products provide quick access to the most common capture features - directly from the application. The SnagIt plug-in for Adobe FrameMaker places SnagIt directly into your FrameMaker menu so you can instantly insert screenshots from within the application.

Image Editor

Designed for quick and professional editing, users have the convenience of quickly drawing, annotating or adding effects to their screenshots in the SnagIt Image Editor. Better yet, you can even access these new features from the preview window right after you capture your image, making it easier than ever to perform quick edits on the go.

SnagIt Studio

SnagIt Studio is designed for editing screenshots that need extensive annotation, as well as re-editing an image, drawing, clipart and callouts. With convenient drawing tools and clipart such as stamps, arrows, shapes, callouts and much more, SnagIt Studio works for project-based editing where users need the flexibility to make changes, while being able to manage those changes for days, months and years to come.

Catalog Browser

The Catalog Browser is for managing, viewing, editing and publishing screenshots and digital pictures, both singly and in batches. Seeing and manipulating all of your captures at once not only aids in organization, but also saves you time. SnagIt's browser offers access to all the features of a professional image editing program to perform post-capture editing. You can also select multiple files to save, convert file formats, print and e-mail in batches.

SnagIt OneClick

By providing true one-click access to any capture profile, users can now take screen captures faster than ever. The best part is that this utility remains hidden on your screen at all times until you are ready to take your next capture.

Just by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen where OneClick resides, you'll be able to access any capture profile you ordinarily would access from SnagIt's main interface. The purpose for this handy feature is to make taking screen captures as fast and seamless as possible. 

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