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Sous-vide Technology

Sous-vide, so good. Though it is a term coined over a century ago, it's now a new thriving trend in the cooking industry today. 


"Sous-vide", which translates to "under vacuum" from French, is another method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags placed in a tub of temperature-controlled water without losing any of its natural flavours and nutrients. Unlike your traditional cooking methods, this isn't just another fad that will blow away soon – the sous-vide is here to stay. Used by renowned chefs and home cooks globally, the purpose of "sous-vide" is to cook the ingredients evenly, ensuring that both inside and outside is evenly cooked throughout and at the same time, retaining its moisture and springiness. Now you don’t have to worry about burnt exterior but raw inside! 


What used to be an exclusive feature available only to world-renowned chefs can now be easily obtainable by you at an affordable price! Don’t limit yourself to just pan-frying and wok stirring – now you can enjoy a perfectly cooked meal with minimal efforts and little to clean up! It’s much more healthier too!


Here’s how you can cook sous-vide style – first, gather the ingredients for your meal prep. It doesn’t have to be just chicken or beef each time, be creative! Toss in the meat of your choice, some broccoli & carrots, drizzle the ingredients with some olive oil then place it in either a zipper lock bag or an airtight plastic bag. Set your desired settings and clip the sealed bag to the water tub and let it cook. That is all to the sous-vide cooking method! The water will move in a circular motion, providing a constant temperature throughout. Once it’s done, you can keep it for later, slightly sear it for some extra crunch or just serve it as is! Enjoy quality meals daily without forking out a great amount of money. Have it just the way you like it in the comfort of your own home.  

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