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Who is Micro 2000?


Established since 1996, Micro 2000 is a premier IT business solutions company with a proven track record in providing system integration, turnkey solutions, IT outsourcing and After Sales Support Services to clients in Asia. 




Some of the selected key areas that we focus on are:

  • IT Consulting

  • Infrastructure

  • Business Continuity

  • IT Security

After Sales Support.png

After Sales Support


If there is a gap in terms of skill set or services within your IT workforce, we can help to fill that gap. Whether it is a desktop deployment, server virtualization or outsourcing of manpower, we can provide the capabilities with our own trademark solutions.

Bringing You Micro 2000's Latest: An Advanced WebPOS System

Tapping into the fast-evolving realm of Technology, Micro 2000 Technology, a market-leading, customer-driven Information Technology (IT) company, has taken the liberty to propel itself forward as a pivotal lead for technology in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. At Micro 2000, our POS system is designed with a goal in mind - to aid the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector, mainly restaurants and food courts, to enhance operational performances and at the same time, increase the overall sales of the business. With the system, we want you to reach the full potential of your resources in order to maximise its true value. Our F&B POS system allows you to access a fully integrated end-to-end solution, offering what you need to improve on the in-store customer experience and accelerate payments with a comprehensive solution. 

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