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Micro 2000 WebPOS Range


Customer-Centricity is a term that have been used as an obvious given in business for ages and have been (and it still is) a buzz word in the marketing realm, but ironically not many businesses truly appreciate what it means, maybe perhaps by the literal sense or knows how to effectively apply it.

The crux is to really understand what your customers really want as opposed to what you perceive they want. It is all the more relevant in Today's digital age with the shift in control to the increasingly digital customer with growing expectations (they are spoilt for choice, which is at times confusing) and the need for consistent seamless experiences. Just being customer focused is no longer sufficient for ensuring business sustainability or rather customer centricity has become the new norm, which necessitates finding what your customer really needs in a fast and easy way and this is where Micro 2000 can help. (To retain customer loyalty and engage new customers!)

“It takes one to be in the field to really understand the ins and outs”, this sentence could not be closer from the truth and this is why with our years of experience working with F&B operators, spanning from coffeeshops, foodcourts, kiosks concept to restaurants, we are able to proclaim that Micro 2000 Web Pos and Self-Ordering Terminals are one of the more operationally attuned solutions/products out there in Today’s market, achieved by mapping out our customers’ journey through the years and engaging them at every single touch point. Our customers have reaped benefits by utilising our system and we believe that it could be the same for you as well.



Micro 2000 WebPOS makes it an ease for you to manage and grow your business with fully-integrated access within your own WebPOS system for an overall enjoyable experience.



Micro 2000 e-Kiosk offers users an interactive, digitised space where users can immerse themselves in a comprehensive self-payment system which allows them to order and pay with ease. An all-in-one tech solution for your business. 

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