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Centurion Range


Centurion is the maker of both CompuGuard and SmartShield Hard-drive protection software that provides cost saving security for your computer workstations. With Centurion's solutions, maintain the integrity of your computer configuration and enjoy the ability of instantly restoring your computer to its desired configuration even after committing undesired mistakes or changes. Today, the company  has move forward towards advanced technology and has greeted users with its Smartshield solutions. 

SmartShield® Suite


SmartShield® endpoint protection creates a virtual space where all unwanted changes are wiped away upon reboot, freeing the user to perform daily tasks without compromising the integrity of the system.

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SmartShield® for Mac


SmartShield® for Mac provides maximum kernel level security protection for your computers. The solution protects against all malicious viruses, Trojans, and other unwanted changes upon reboot, instantly leaving you a fresh and pristine image.

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SmartShield® Antivirus


SmartShield® Antivirus is much more than just regular AV – it is the most comprehensive and complete security system solution. SmartShield® endpoint protection locks your image - down to the Master Boot Record - while our SmartShield® Antivirus’ multi-engine platform protects you and the documents you save. 

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SmartShield® CurrentWare


CurrentWare is the perfect companion to SmartShield, offering many of the technologies our customers have had to find from other vendors. The technologies match perfectly with SmartShield®’s mission of saving administrators time by bringing your computing environments under control. 

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