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SmartShield® Antivirus | Next Generation Computer Protection


SmartShield® Antivirus is much more than just regular AV – it is the most comprehensive and complete security system solution. SmartShield® endpoint protection locks your image - down to the Master Boot Record - while our SmartShield® Antivirus’ multi-engine platform protects you and the documents you save. Nothing in the market comes close to this revolutionary, one-two knockout punch protection from malware.

  • SmartShield® is the best-in-class advanced antivirus stops malware on your computer/network.

  • SmartShield® provides endpoint protection that permanently erases threats on reboot while allowing you to save to administrator specified directories. All without ever having to unprotect your machine to receive virus updates.

Key Points

  • SmartShield® Antivirus will update automatically – WITHOUT UNPROTECTING YOUR COMPUTER for maintenance

  • Zero-Hour detection: Architecture geared towards fast reaction to new threats

  • Placed 1st in May 2012 AV detection tests

  • Unique, proprietary technology; two-step malware elimination

  • Integrated advanced antivirus, individual USB blocking, and Firewire blocking provides intrusion prevention of all applications - giving total application control

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