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With the advancement of technology, going “digital” has become the ethos of Today’s businesses, such as the imminent shift towards cloud-based services. The existence of NetSuite and its integrated cloud-based solutions, the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, grants your business the ability to grow and expand effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience and ease of employing better financial management and a thorough consolidation of your company’s services and sales all in one system. The ERP system takes you a step further from traditional and conservative methods to providing you a consolidation of your back-office processes and allowing you to efficiently view and manage your business anytime, anywhere.  


Did you know? With the convenience of the cloud, tens of thousands of companies from around the globe now utilise NetSuite’s system. Businesses no matter how large or small are not excluded from enjoying the benefits – the system is readily available to assist you according to your business needs. The management software is able to track tangible goods & services, requests made, time taken during transactions made and tabulation of records of current and potential new sales. These are the few benefits of using NetSuite, not to mention its other progressive features with proven successful track records.


A pioneer in the field, allow your business to be taken beyond its limits today.

Point Of Sale (POS)


Since the rise of the Information Age, shopping and dining experiences are no longer the same as it used to be. Users today are greeted with a new sense of familiarity: the unification of online experiences and offline services. 

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Taking users on a new approach of shopping reality, NetSuite’s E-Commerce platform is bringing consumers a more direct and unique shopping experience. A common sight today, trading of products or services online are done daily, offering users a better sense of technological immersion of what they do on a day-to-day basis.

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Customised Integrated Platform


Regardless if you’re a large enterprise or a small firm, a business is still a business. As such, a single application proficient in just Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may not be enough to meet all of your business’ requirements. With NetSuite, your growing business needs will always be met. 

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NetSuite's Authorised Reseller 

Understanding NetSuite’s growing relevance and proliferation in Today’s market, Micro 2000 has partnered with the enterprise’s pioneer to bring to you its wide range of cloud compatible solutions. 

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