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StaffCop Enterprise

An upgrade from StaffCop Standard, StaffCop Enterprise is a complete new software solution aimed wholy for corporate sectors. At StaffCop, the developers have taken into consideration the requirements and wishes of major clients, while at the same time developed a thorough and current solution suitable for any enterprise willing to improve its efficiency and protect sensitive information. Don't just take our word for it, get to know the solution better from the developers behind StaffCop.


"We use most up-to-date technologies and programming languages to develop StaffCop Enterprise solution, enabling to easily scale it to any number of users and affiliates, as well as to custom develop its functional for specific needs of our clients. Our product will be your irreplaceable assistant in employee monitoring, incidents investigations and data loss prevention.

Custom development and high scalability (up to several thousand workstations) due to its flexible architecture are additional benefits of StaffCop software package. It does not take too much time and resources to custom develop current solution."

StaffCop Enterprise's Features:

Employee Time Tracking

Get detailed records of your employees work time. StaffCop Enterprise records start/end time of employees business day, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, etc. This option enables you to maintain discipline among your staff at work, avoid delays during a business day, and improve efficiency of your employees.

Insider Threat Detection

Staffcop Enterprise enables you to protect sensitive commercial information and information assets that may cause irreparable financial and reputational damages if it is leaked to third parties.

Identifying Loyalty Issues

StaffCop Enterprise detects and logs instances when employee visits job websites, sends out resume, prints out confidential documents, copies sensitive information and customer database on USB drive or cloud services.

Investigation of Information Security Incidents

StaffCop Enterprise provides powerful tools for investigation of incidents — relationship communications charts, migration file tracking, search by regular expressions and keywords, diagrams and charts to identify anomalies.

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