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StaffCop Range

StaffCop is an activity monitoring software that offers network performance monitoring, remote traffic monitoring tool, employee monitoring software and spying program. Established in 2001 under the wings of Atom Security Inc., StaffCop offers an International security software and is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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StaffCop Standard


Monitor employee activities on company workstations and prevent unauthorised distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop Standard allows your company to analyze how

workstations are used during work time. The system of reports provides information when, for how long, what applications were launched, and what web sites were accessed. 

StaffCop Enterprise


Monitor all employees' activities on provided workstations with StaffCop Enterprise. Make use of functions such as logging of events and information, monitoring of file transfers for both internal/external sources, analyse employees' efficiency and also determining their real KPIs. Enterprise Edition not only provides you full control together with protection of sensitive information, it also allows you to investigate and expose the perpetrators accountable for any unfavourable incidents.

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