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StaffCop Standard

With StaffCop, enjoy a myriad of benefits all from one simple, easy-to-use software. With StaffCop, you can keep sensitive data safe, track time and also monitor the PC activities on the network, regardless if it's a corporate network or a single PC.

Monitor employee activities on company workstations and prevent unauthorised distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop Standard allows your company to analyse how workstations are used during work time. The system of reports provides information when, for how long, what applications were launched, and what web sites were accessed. 

Do not undermine StaffCop as just another security software in the market. Perform the following with this unique solution:

Internet & Network:

  • Intercept messages sent via web messengers

  • Monitor activities in social networks

  • Monitor email exchange

  • Shadow copy of attached files

  • Monitor web site sessions and search requests

  • Monitor of encrypted network traffic 


Local Events:

  • Screen capture

  • Monitor processes and applications currently running on employee workstation

  • Log system events

  • Monitor documents sent to print

  • Log keystrokes 


File Operations:

  • Monitor USB data storage devices

  • USB data storage device lockdown

  • Monitor clipboard content

  • Monitor files access

  • Shadow copy files from USB data storage devices

  • Monitor Internet file transfer

Master of Detailed Reports: 

  • Monitoring employee work time

  • Graphic analysis of user activity

  • Report generation scheduler

  • Graphic reports

  • Sending reports to FTP and email

  • Data filtering and search by specified key word

Take control of your company's IT happenings with just a few clicks of your mouse! Don't leave sensitive information accessible by many feeling vulnerable, utilise screenshot recording, files and folders monitoring, processes monitoring, USB-devices blocking and many more with this handy software. Don't think about it, act on it now!

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